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How do I know what ring size I need?

When purchasing a ring where trying it on is not an option, such as when buying a gift or making an online purchase, there are a few things you should consider to make choosing a size much easier.
The most accurate way of determining ring size is to get your finger professionally measured by a Jeweller, where they will use ring sizers to determine the most perfect fit for your finger.  This is the only option we recommend. However, if this is not an option the best way would be to borrow a ring belonging to the person for whom the ring is for and then bring this into a Jewellers to get it sized.  Of course this isn’t a foolproof method as the ring they have may be worn on another finger to the new ring or the ring may not be a perfect fit itself, but at least it will be a start and give you an idea of the size you need.
There are other factors which also need to be considered when determining the correct ring size such as the thickness of the ring you intend to purchase.  Often if it is a thick or wide ring, a person may need a size larger to get a comfortable fit than they would for a normal or thin ring.
Remember, accurate ring size measurements are especially crucial for engagement rings, wedding rings and designed bands as many of these may be difficult and expensive to resize and some may not be resizable at all because of their intricacy.  It is also vital that you are sure of the size when ordering rings that are going to be made up especially for you. So bear this in mind if choosing a ring for which you are not sure of the ring size needed. If in doubt always ask for advise before purchasing.